Sunday, 19 December 2010

its got to be a first

more spanish civil war has been completed, falange HQ two more nationalist HMG teams

two Republican armoured trucks with 3 more underway on the paint table as i type.

a mighty T26 tank not needed in scenario 1 but who cares i wanted one.
as for a first, today i went to our local games workshop store, and to my surprise they refused to sell me some 60mm bases as they don't carry them in stock and will only order them in for people who are registered on line and not a walk in customer?????
quite how this makes a profit i have no idea but its the first time i've been turned down by the evil empire just for wanting to buy some bases, next step make my own or eBay, being Xmas make my own is looking good,


  1. A store that doesn't want to sell?!?!? Strange way to do business. The figures look really good. Nice work

  2. That's very strange. You can find them fairly easily on Ebay and you can buy them cheaper than from GW from the various bits stores.